To 1500, and beyond!

A quick update on that most pointless and yet strangely satisfying of natural history enterprises: the keeping of personal lists! A flurry of mothing at Whiteknights these past couple of weeks – facilitated by the arrival of some replacement bulbs for our variously out of action moth traps – has seen my moth total creep up to 267, now the clear leader over plants (257) and birds (251). I’ve also added some very pleasing species elsewhere in the animal kingdom, chief among them woodland grasshoppers at the Warburg reserve in Oxfordshire and a rather handsome fungus weevil. Not to mention a cheeky tansy beetle twitch whilst visiting friends in York!

I think my next target will be to get both moths and plants to 300, which coincidentally would also take me past 1500 overall. Once I’ve eventually identified what is now a three year stash of beetle specimens collected for my PhD, 2000 in 2016 might be looking possible. Provided, that is, I keep an open mind and open eyes for any and all wildlife that crosses my path.


2 thoughts on “To 1500, and beyond!

  1. I have almost finished working out my PSL list! Got some news ones from today to add to the moth list – inc Swallowtail moths, and some micros I haven’t identified yet. Also, got a lifer and two year ticks last week for butterflies (Essex / Chalkhill & Silver-studded respectively). List is ever-growing!


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