30 Days Wild: Day 6….to 16!

Well, blogging about a social media phenomena on a daily basis is clearly not that easy a commitment to keep. Though is it one I ever made? Never mind! The main thing is that I have continued to enjoy 30 Days Wild as a way of reflecting on my day. Nature gives me joy, and when I think about times in the day that I’ve had a wild experience – however loosely I may need to define one to make it ‘count’! – I feel grateful that there is more joy in my life than it might first appear. As a born-again-entomologist, which I’m absolutely certain is a thing, high summer is an exciting time to be out and about with many an insect on the wing. The meadows of the University of Reading’s Whiteknights campus, where I work, are looking beautiful and are alive with common blue butterflies, the day flying moth known as burnet companion, and myriad interesting (and distracting) beetles. Match this with some perfect June weather, and there’s hardly a better time to be a little bit wild.


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