IMG_0676I’ve resisted having a self-named corner of the web for some time now. I’m still vaguely of the belief that it is somehow not very classy. Distastefully immodest, even. But in this era of necessary self-promotion, I can’t deny the usefulness of having somewhere to link to all of the various places around the web that I might be found.

Being somewhat less insufferably humble for a moment, I do believe that those who have enjoyed my writing on Considering Birds (which I can promise will survive in this brave new world) or elsewhere might appreciate a site that serves as a hub for exploring the other places that I write, as well as a news and information source for my research and other natural history exploits.

So without further ado, I bid a very warm welcome to friends new and old. Please grab a cup of tea, make yourself comfortable, and stay a while. At least once I have some more content to keep you occupied.


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